Soft Wash With A Pressure Washer

Keeping your home’s surfaces clean can be challenging, but soft washing with a pressure washer offers an effective solution. This method is gentle on materials and is great for removing mold, mildew, and dirt without causing damage.

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To soft wash effectively, you’ll need specific equipment:

  • Pressure Washer: Use a pressure washer with an output of 500-1200 PSI and a flow rate of 4-8 GPM.
  • Downstream Injector: A downstream injector allows for the seamless mixing of cleaning chemicals into the water flow, ensuring an even application.
  • Soaping Nozzles: Nozzles with 40-65 degree tips are ideal for applying the cleaning solution. A pressure washer with the appropriate PSI rating is necessary, as is the use of J-rods and soaping nozzles with larger orifices to facilitate effective soap pulling.
  • X-Jet: This tool draws the cleaning solution from a separate tank.
  • 50-Foot Hose: Provides the mobility needed to reach all areas.

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  1. Prepare the Solution: Mix the soft washing solution according to manufacturer instructions, typically a mix of 12% bleach and 88% water.
  2. Set Up Equipment: Connect the downstream injector to the pressure washer. Use the X-jet to draw the solution from the tank.
  3. Apply the Solution: Use a wide-angle soaping nozzle to apply the solution to the surface. Let it soak for 5-20 minutes to kill mold, algae, and mildew.
  4. Rinse Thoroughly: Rinse the surface with clean water using a 40-65 degree rinsing nozzle.

Soft washing offers an effective and surface-preserving solution for the removal of mold, mildew, and dirt, making it a valuable technique for maintaining the aesthetic appeal of properties.

Unlike high-pressure washing methods, soft washing utilizes a combination of low-pressure water and specialized cleaning chemicals to gently lift and remove contaminants without causing damage to delicate surfaces.

This approach is particularly beneficial for sensitive materials such as wood, vinyl, and stucco, allowing for a thorough cleaning while minimizing the risk of unwanted wear or deterioration.

Additionally, soft washing is a cost-effective option that can help extend the lifespan of exterior surfaces, making it an attractive choice for homeowners and property managers seeking efficient and responsible cleaning solutions.

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